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Sewing Waist Webbing Tape for Skirts


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Feature: Sewing waist tape can have either woven or nonwoven interlining, depending on the specific product or brand. Both woven and nonwoven interlinings are used in garment construction, and the choice between them depends on the desired characteristics and functionality of the waist tape.

  1. Woven Interlining: If a sewing waist tape has a woven interlining, it typically provides added stability, structure, and durability. Woven interlinings are made from woven fabric and are generally stronger and more stable than nonwoven interlinings. They can help the waist tape maintain its shape and support the waistband effectively.

  2. Nonwoven Interlining: Waist tapes with nonwoven interlinings are often more lightweight and flexible. Nonwoven interlinings are made from bonded fibers or materials rather than a woven fabric. They are softer and less rigid compared to woven interlinings. Waist tapes with nonwoven interlinings can still provide some reinforcement and support to the waistband but may have a different level of stiffness.

Application: The sewing interlining tape is good for skirts, dresses, etc.

The difference between sewing waist tape and woven waist tape:

The main difference between sewing waist tape and woven waist tape lies in their construction and application. Sewing waist tape is integrated into the garment during construction, while woven waist tape is added separately, often for both functional and decorative purposes. The choice between the two depends on the garment's design, fabric, and the desired level of reinforcement and aesthetics.

woven waist interlining application

Sewing Waist Interling and Woven Waist Interlining Types

woven waist interlining types 1

woven waist interlining types 2

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