Twill Cotton Sewing Webbing Tape for Garment


Width: Custom

Color: Custom

Material: 100% Cotton

Feature: Twill cotton tape is a narrow strip of fabric made from cotton using a twill weave pattern. It has a variety of uses due to its durability, strength, and versatility.

Application: Twill cotton webbing is a type of fabric strip or tape made from cotton fibers using a twill weave pattern. It is a durable and versatile material commonly used in various applications, including in the manufacture of bags, belts, straps, and other textile products.

  • Garment Production: Twill cotton tape is often used in the garment industry for various purposes. It can reinforce seams, prevent fraying on fabric edges, and provide structure to cuffs, collars, and hems.

  • Hemming: It is frequently used to create clean, finished edges on clothing items. When folded and sewn into the hem of garments, twill cotton tape adds stability and a neat appearance.

  • Closures: Twill cotton tape can be used as ties or closures for garments. It is commonly employed in garments like aprons, robes, and pajamas where a simple tie closure is desired.

  • Crafts and DIY Projects: Twill cotton tape is a versatile material for various craft and DIY projects. It can be used in sewing, quilting, and upholstery projects to add strength and structure.

  • Straps and Belts: It is used for creating straps in bags, totes, and backpacks. It can also be used for making fabric belts due to its strength and durability.

  • Labeling and Branding: Twill cotton tape can serve as labels or branding elements on clothing items or fabric-based products. It can be easily customized with printed or embroidered labels.

  • Bookbinding: In bookbinding and paper crafts, twill cotton tape is used to bind book spines, add reinforcement to book covers, and create bookmarks.

  • Decorative Trim: Twill cotton tape is sometimes used as a decorative trim on clothing, home textiles, and accessories. It can add texture and a vintage or rustic touch to a design.

  • Quilting: Quilters often use twill cotton tape as a sturdy binding for the edges of quilts to provide a finished look and protect the quilt's edges.

  • Bunting and Flags: It is used in creating decorative bunting and flags, especially for outdoor or festive occasions, as it is durable and can withstand weather conditions.

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