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Polypropylene Webbing Strap for Luggages and Bags

  • Material: PP
  • Width: 50mm
  • Weight: 18.5g/m
  • Type: Pearl Texture

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  • Custom raw materials
  • Custom yarn count
  • Custom colors
  • Custom packings
  • Custom logo

  • Most samples are free, while a few may require a purchase; shipping costs are the responsibility of the recipient.

  • Lead Time: 25-35 days
  • Shipping: Sea freight, Railway freight
  • Payment: T/T, L/C ...

Polypropylene Webbing Strap Factory

Ningbo MH, based in Ningbo, China, is a leading supplier and exporter of Polypropylene Webbing Straps to international markets. With a robust supply capacity, MH produces 12,000 tons of polypropylene webbing strap annually, utilizing over 1000 machines to ensure consistent quality and reliability.

Plant Area
$15 million
Annual Sales Amount
12,000 tons
Year Production
Weaving Equipment

Ningbo MH has established over 40 local branches in mature markets to better understand and meet local needs, providing consultative services for our customers. Delivering timely services is our core principle.

  • Direct-to-Client Services
  • Prompt Response without Time Zone Delays
  • Effective Communication in Local Language

Customization Services

MH offers tailor-made Polypropylene Webbing Straps, featuring a variety of custom patterns, colors, weights, widths, and packaging options. MH bespoke services are designed to cater to the diverse preferences of the global market. 

Pattern Customization

Pattern Customization

Color Customization

pp tape color card
pp tape color card

Product Description

Material: PP

Width: 50mm

Weight: 18.5g/m

Type: Pearl Texture

Is Polypropylene Webbing Strap Highly Resistant?

  • Water-resistant - Polypropylene webbing does not absorb liquids, making it ideal for outdoor clothing and for applications in the Marine Industry.
  • Chemical resistant - Polypropylene webbing does not erode very easily, making it very useful in industry.
  • Mildew resistant - This webbing will not grow mould or any other fungus.

What Can Polypropylene Webbing Strap Be Used For?

Polypropylene Webbing is one of the more affordable options and can be used for a range of everyday and industrial applications including:

  • Clothing/ Outdoor Apparel - Polypropylene webbing can be used for fashion accessories where it brings many advantages such as durability, abrasion resistance and colour fastness.
  • Textiles- furniture and clothing can be made using polypropylene webbing. This is because of its reduced tendency for the colours to fade and stain resistance. Outdoor furniture and thermal clothing make use of this type of webbing, especially for its low thermal conductivity.
  • Military - as the thermal conductivity for polypropylene webbing is very low, it is very useful for clothing in the military. The uniforms need to be resistant to staining, easy to clean and durable to withstand the harsh environments in the military.
  • Medical - in the medical field, it is important that equipment can be cleaned easily and thoroughly. Polypropylene webbing is resistant to staining and chemicals, meaning it is a much more hygienic option in the medical industry.
  • Marine applications- Polypropylene is lightweight, has excellent buoyancy and has a low water absorption rate making it ideal for a wide range of applications in the Marine sector.

About Ningbo MH

Located in China's Ningbo Province, MH was founded in 1999 and has dedicated itself to providing high-quality Sewing Webbing Tape to the global market. By 2023, MH's webbing sales teached to $680 million, underlining the company's commitment to offering superior quality at competitive prices.

Annual Sales
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Ningbo MH
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MH participates annually in prestigious global exhibitions and trade fairs, including the Argentia ExpoFerretera, Karachi Expo, Uzbekistan Textile Expo, Balkan Textile, Moscow's Interfabric Expo, and the EXPO PRODUCCIÓN Expo, among others.


Shipping Methods

MH primarily utilizes shipping and rail for its main transportation methods. Additionally, air freight options are available if required.

Lead Time: 25-35 days

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