At present, MH owns nine factories which scatter in the three production bases.The nine factories are: MH Embroidery Thread Factory, MH Lace Embroidery Factory, MH Band and Rope Factory, MH Trimming Factory, MH Crochet Lace Factory, MH Ribbon Factory, MH Sewing Kit Factory, MH Bias Binding Tape Factory and MH Polyester Sewing Thread Factory.

Thread base

The embroidery thread factory covers up 20,000 square meters and owns the whole set of advanced twisting, dyeing and molding equipments which are capable of rayon thread and polyester embroidery thread in different specifications and packing.

Lace base

MH lace production base is a large-scale and professional embroidery production enterprise which owns 83,000 square meters workshop and integrates plate-making, design, production and sales. It owns 27 sets of imported Schiffi embroidery machines and 400 sets of Tajima, Behringer and other multi-functional embroidery machines. The main products are cotton lace, chemical lace, mesh lace, cotton crochet lace, embroidery fabric, three-dimensional embroidery lace, underwear lace, cutting embroidery fabric, curtain and costume embroidery, sequins/hot-fix stones and many other kinds of multi-station products.

Ribbon & tape base

MH ribbon & tape production base is a modern production center specialized in the production of various of ribbons. It covers up 45,000 square meters and owns 100 sets of computer jacquard machines, 2,000 sets of ingot looms, 100 sets of different kinds of (non) shuttle machines as well as production line of binding tape and cutting ribbon with 1,000 tons annual output. The main products are different kinds of cotton lace, fringe tape, cutting ribbon, binding tape, elastic cord/rope, elastic braid, covering rope, curtain tape, woven tape and other kinds of conventional tape and fancy tape.