MH Two Birds Ribbon Tape Co., Ltd. celebrated establishment of 10th anniversary and began to promote the transformation and upgrading of embroidery threads


Annual output value reached 3.2 billion RMB. International Business Department had an increase of 36%, Overseas Investment Department 77.7%, Manufacturing Division 28.2% and Domestic Marketing Department 18.4%

E-commerce of Overseas Investment Department went into operation and established B2C overseas companies in America, Germany, Canada, Britain and France

The fourth production base ---- Weiji Base was put into production

New three-dimensional warehouse covering up 20,000 square meters was put into use and the new warehouse implemented the informationization management


Initiated reforming of operation mode and the whole group was divided into: Group Investment Department, International Business Department, Overseas Investment Department, Domestic Marketing Department and Manufacturing Division


MH’s administrative office building with overall areas of 7,490 square meters was completed. More than 300 staff moved into the new building office


Successfully passed ISO 9001:2000 three-in-one system certificate

Annual sales volume realized 1.8 billion RMB

MH was honored as Ningbo Top 100 and Zhejiang Top 100 Enterprises in Service Industry for successive three times, it also achieved Top 500 Enterprises in Chinese Service Industry for the second time

The embroidery thread successfully passed Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and reached the highest standard

“MH” trademark was honored as Zhejiang Famous Trademark and Famous Trademark of China


Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. ascended to the Top 500 in Chinese Service Industry for the first time, ranking no.438

The third production base (Zhenhai base) was formally put into production, the first batch of commissioning factories include MH Scarf Factory, Polyester Thread Factory and Lace Dyeing Factory with a sewage capacity of 1,200 tons/day


Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. ascended to Ningbo Top 100 Enterprise (ranking no. 72) and Top 80 in Zhejiang Service Industry (ranking no.50) for the first time

The trademark “MH” was honored as Ningbo Well-known Trademark

The company created its own newspaper: MH Paper

To appreciate the society, Charity Fund of Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. was established together with Ningbo Beilun Charity Federation; besides that, 100,000 RMB was donated to Ningbo Jiangbei Charity Federation for the charity work in that region


15,000 square meters in Ningbo Zhenhai Industrial Zone was purchased for the preparation of constructing the third base of MH

MH Cotton Lace Factory, Ribbon & Tape Factory, Binding Tape Factory,Small Machine Factory were all put into production and MH Industry had realized an overall output of 200 million RMB in that year

Branch in Nigeria began to operate and MH led to start the most fashionable sales – end sales within the industry


The sales team with 150 people created 70 million USD annual export volume and the company was listed as Top 199 Chinese Private Enterprises in Export by the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC

The foreign trade department moved to the new office building with 7,200 square meters in Changfeng and MH owned its independent office building

MH Big Machine Lace Factory was officially put into operation and the production of embroidery lace was started

6,000 square meters warehouse for foreign trade was officially put into use


Embroidery Thread Factory and Ribbon & Tape Factory Changfeng base were officially put into operation


10 million USD was invested to purchase 83,000 square meters lands in Area C, Ningbo Jiangbei Investment Pioneering Park to construct the second production base, Hongtang base of MH


The foreign trade department was moved to the new office of 1,400 square meters in Construction Building, South Jiefang Road, Ningbo

3 million USD was invested to purchase 20,000 square meters in Ningbo Changfeng Industrial Park, which started MH industry


The office area increased from more than 130 square meters to 285 square meters, export volume exceeded USD 5 million and the number of employees reached 15


Ningbo MH Industry Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Ningbo Free Trade Zone and only 3 employees were possessed at the beginning of the registration